Best Chrome Apps

02/25 to 02/27

Top 20 News & Weather Apps

#1 Anime Herald

117% Growth

The official app for Anime Herald

791 Users

#2 - India's leading portal

115% Growth - India's leading portal for India news, Movies, Live Cricket Score, Online shopping, Social networking, Rediffmail N

2,263 Users

#3 elRTE - HTML edit

113% Growth

Free HTML Edit (wysiwyg)

1,929 Users

#4 Pluggio

110% Growth

Twitter Power App! Manage @ mentions, thank people, grow your following, post to Facebook & LinkedIn, schedule tweets, auto twee

1,128 Users

#5 Fairways360

108% Growth


1,053 Users

#6 World Snooker

105% Growth

World Snooker - The official app of the world governing body featuring the latest snooker news and videos

1,205 Users

#7 Project Five Weather

105% Growth

Stylish weather display from all around the world.

724 Users

#8 Singapore Weather Nowcast

103% Growth

Shows Singapore's weather forecast for the next 3 hours on a Google Maps backdrop.

525 Users

#9 msgboy

102% Growth

Msgboy is a smart reader that pushes your web. You can train it so that eventually it will show only the most relevant content.

964 Users

#10 DJs Mobiles

101% Growth

Your Guide to Going Mobile - Brings you the Latest News on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices

797 Users

#11 2012 Electoral Map

101% Growth

An Electoral College Calculator for the 2012 Election

818 Users

#12 India In Pix

101% Growth

Photo Galleries from leading News sources of India

1,334 Users

#13 Aston Villa FC App

101% Growth

Aston Villa FC's latest news, videos, match reports and player profiles

1,792 Users

#14 Bibliogo: The science & technology RSS reader

101% Growth

The science & technology RSS reader

1,445 Users

#15 Read It Now

101% Growth

Google Reader-esque interface for Read It Later.

1,598 Users

#16 Crowsnest - Personalized News Media

101% Growth

Crowsnest is a social news reader application that automatically aggregates important links on Twitter and lets you read themů

2,160 Users

#17 Good Magazine

101% Growth

For people who give a damn.

1,128 Users

#18 HackerWeb

101% Growth

A simply readable Hacker News web app

4,770 Users

#19 Video Today News

101% Growth

Today's Video News

791 Users

#20 Pulse

101% Growth

Pulse Music Magazine Application

1,471 Users

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