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11/21 to 11/22

Top 20 News & Weather Apps

#1 DS Trendy News

104% Growth

Check the daily hot news from multiple sources.DS Trendy News reflect the pulse OF THE PLANET on any given day.

570 Users

#2 NewsQast

104% Growth

News updates from local TV stations and newspapers, current weather and traffic conditions, and more from your favorite location

1,019 Users

#3 Singapore Weather Nowcast

103% Growth

Shows Singapore's weather forecast for the next 3 hours on a Google Maps backdrop.

548 Users

#4 Newsman (English Version)

102% Growth

Feed gadget - subscribe up to 10 feeds, pre-subscribed a number of well-know media's RSS feeds...

719 Users

#5 Mubasher Info Portal

102% Growth

Arab Stock Exchanges News & Stock Prices

773 Users

#6 msgboy

102% Growth

Msgboy is a smart reader that pushes your web. You can train it so that eventually it will show only the most relevant content.

1,010 Users

#7 Quartz

102% Growth

Quartz is a digitally native news outlet for the new global economy.

1,862 Users

#8 Leeds United

102% Growth

Leeds - latest news, videos, match reports and profiles

1,480 Users

#9 WebUpd8

102% Growth

Daily Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

1,394 Users

#10 Redstone Blog

102% Growth

An amazing Minecraft blog ;)

5,465 Users

#11 2012 Electoral Map

102% Growth

An Electoral College Calculator for the 2012 Election

831 Users

#12 Crowsnest - Personalized News Media

102% Growth

Crowsnest is a social news reader application that automatically aggregates important links on Twitter and lets you read them…

2,405 Users

#13 AppMag.Mobi

102% Growth

Mobile App Magazine (International Edition)

825 Users

#14 ESPN Cricinfo

102% Growth

The ESPN Chrome Webstore app

60,599 Users

#15 ruddl - reddit browser

101% Growth

Better way to browse reddit. See top comments right on the page. Browse other subreddits/sections. Auto-updates every minute.

624 Users

#16 Jagran - India No.1 Hindi News Daily

101% Growth

Jagran offers Hindi content and India Hindi News, Breaking Hindi News, Hindi Headlines, Hindi Cricket News, Hindi E paper,…

19,874 Users

#17 The Times of India

101% Growth

The Times of India, complete and up-to-date, optimized for Google Chrome.

94,085 Users

#18 feedly

101% Growth

Feedly is a news reader for creative minds. Seamless migration from Google Reader.

1,406,314 Users

#19 Natural Disaster Monitor

101% Growth

Monitor natural disasters as color coded icons with tool tips on a Google Maps backdrop.

3,186 Users

#20 India In Pix

101% Growth

Photo Galleries from leading News sources of India

1,305 Users

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