Best Chrome Apps

11/27 to 11/28

Top 20 News & Weather Apps

#1 3D Cricket

104% Growth

Now enjoy Cricket in 3D! Play a quick match, tournament or Championship. Win to submit score.

6,291 Users

#2 Mubasher Info Portal

102% Growth

Arab Stock Exchanges News & Stock Prices

754 Users

#3 Industry Tap

102% Growth

Tap into engineering and industry news.

786 Users

#4 TrendMafia Magazine

102% Growth

TrendMafia Online Magazine

1,035 Users

#5 ruddl - reddit browser

102% Growth

Better way to browse reddit. See top comments right on the page. Browse other subreddits/sections. Auto-updates every minute.

622 Users

#6 RoboTechEd

102% Growth

The official app for! Provides an easy shortcut to your favorite technology blog

732 Users

#7 NextMatches

102% Growth

Easily discover when and at what time is the game of any football / soccer team in the world!

1,218 Users

#8 India In Pix

102% Growth

Photo Galleries from leading News sources of India

1,316 Users

#9 AppMag.Mobi

101% Growth

Mobile App Magazine (International Edition)

838 Users

#10 Soccerstand Live Results

101% Growth

Link to live results

1,925 Users

#11 Powered by Redstone

101% Growth

Covering everything Minecraft, block by block.

17,918 Users

#12 My Tiny Tiny RSS

101% Growth

A chrome app link to your personal install of Tiny Tiny RSS.

1,413 Users

#13 Newsman (English Version)

101% Growth

Feed gadget - subscribe up to 10 feeds, pre-subscribed a number of well-know media's RSS feeds...

727 Users

#14 FeedsAPI

101% Growth

Full RSS to email in real time

1,627 Users

#15 Liverpool News

101% Growth

An app for all the latest Liverpool News

5,298 Users

#16 Redstone Blog

101% Growth

An amazing Minecraft blog ;)

5,448 Users

#17 Metro Weekly: LGBT, Gay News

101% Growth

Gay and Lesbian News Magazine of Washington, DC

2,542 Users

#18 the weather wizard

101% Growth

A simple weather forecast service that displays the weather conditions for the current week.

4,526 Users

#19 Leeds United

101% Growth

Leeds - latest news, videos, match reports and profiles

1,535 Users

#20 ScoopIt

101% Growth

A digital magazine featuring everything from the awesome to the amazing.

1,969 Users

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